The Symbol S (Sigma) comes from the Greek alphabet and represents the process of summation or providing a total. Sigma Business Consultants offers comprehensive integrated business solutions and training packages designed specifically for your unique requirements. Sigma's total approach includes the commercial support and sponsorship of communinty organisations in order to maintain social balance.

Our Mission is to provide your business with specialist knowledge from independant consultants who work for you, when you need them. Sigma gives businesses the ability to utilise services of specialist staff, without incurring the costs associated with employing them full time.

Our Philosophy is your total satisfaction. Your needs are the most important thing to every member of Sigma.

Our Vision is that Sigma will deliver your business independent and specialised advice allowing your business decisions to be informed and accurate - even when advanced technology is involved.

The Total Concept


Deal with one specialist consultant to identify your true needs. Sigma will co-ordinate the most suitable suppliers of the most suitable products and services for your unique requirements.


Sigma will ensure you receive the most suitable solution for your needs. Receive independent advice about the best combination of products and services, selected from everything available in market place.


Sigma Business Consultants prepares an overall strategy for your business to ensure that each and every aspect of your business is the most cost effective it can be while contributing to the goals of the business as a whole. Where possible, Sigma combines the buying power of its clients.



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